• Youth Mentorship

    Are you a parent / guardian to a teenager / young adult?

    Do you want your child to grow into a responsible and great person? We offer mentorship programs to build personalities based on Christian values. We bring out responsibility, effectiveness and purpose in a person creating a brand out of them.

  • Motivational Transformation

    We give a face lift to brands (people/products) that are struggling and give them a new life through training and mentorship.

  • Personal Branding

    If you want to position yourself as a brand for success in today’s dynamic environment, our speciality is making people the brands they are meant to be through mentorship and training. We build brands based on christian values.

    We also do training for different organisations that are looking to motivate employees and make them better brands.

  • Rebranding Products & Services

    We provide consultancy on packaging and branding your products and services to appeal to their intended markets.

Executive Brands Building Brands That Shout


To be the leading company that builds brands which stand out.


Being a brand innovator that transforms personalities, products and services, bringing out their full potential.


Building brands that shout.


Our core business is to empower personalities,especially the youth to be who they are meant to be,bringing out the uniqueness in them and making them find their niche in the society. In a world that seems to be moving so fast, our youth need guidance. We therefore offer mentorship to enable them, be brands that make them mighty in the land.

Our training touches on areas like personal development, finding out one’s purpose, building confidence & self esteem, making the right decisions, communication, creating goals, learning and unlearning, people skills, building relationships, career choice, time management, improving self, peer pressure just to mention a few. We call out the man/woman in each person and help them center their lives on purpose.

In addition, we offer consultancy in transforming products and services to appeal to their target markets. We confidently assist personalities, products or services to stand out and impact the lives of their communities. 

This is our business at Executive brands; we enhance creative transformation, resulting in impactful solutions to the world. 

If you are looking to be an outstanding brand or to have an outstanding product /service, you are in the right place!